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New furniture

My new table and chairs have arrived!

The cats, Clio and Manasse, are circling it warily. I'd forgotten how badly Leila deals with change -- the poor thing has taken to hiding under the sofa again. She'll come out when she's ready, I suppose.

I must admit that I'm in two minds about it myself. I needed a new table and chairs, but the old set was round and much lighter,

and not made of oak, which frankly is a type of wood I'm not too fond of; and now that the new set's here, I'm not sure if it's not too clunky for my tastes. Also, I'm not convinced that having another rectangular table in a room that already has four is one of my better ideas -- but I suppose I'll soon get used to it. For now, I just hope my sweethearts will keep their claws to themselves.
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