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Silver linings

For the last 15 days, it's been raining incessantly; and every day the newspapers report new floods in many of our towns and cities. Occasionally though, there are some dry spells; so it wasn't that surprising perhaps that this morning I found an abandonned umbrella at the bus stop. I passed it by at first, but then I thought "Hang on, what if it starts raining again in a couple of minutes?", and took a closer look. It's a very nice one, silver grey, good quality, and looks expensive. It discreetly bears the logo of Athens Airport, and when opened, shows a black inside with a silver grey star chart printed on it! Of course, being the magpie that I am, I appropriated it, and it's served me well in this evening's downpour.

I've never really thought about it, but I also seem to have some packrat tendencies. This weekend I decided to clear out some space in my bookcases by getting rid of most of the fanfic, but I've not been very successful in my quest. I've started to read some again, and now I can't get rid of it. But why should I keep it? _automatedalice is never going to finish Half-Gifts, Mary never finished her epic saga Journeys, and there's so many more excellent fic that ground to a halt some 2 years after the show finished, and what do I want to keep all that mountain of paper for? Still, I'm having real trouble saying goodbye to it all. Same with The Doctor stuff, though there's not nearly as much of it -- but what there is, I've printed off and kept. Oh well, perhaps I'll give myself another week to re-read a few fics, and then when I'm done, chuck it all out in one go. Preferably on the day they come and collect the waste paper. Monday. I'll get rid of it on Monday. Hopefully.

Meanwhile, I've heard from other DM-fans that it's not unusual for LiveHereNow to take 1-3 months before getting the CDs out to their rightful owners, so I'm feeling a bit more hopeful on that front, too.
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