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Saturday night's alright

I didn't have too bad a start to the weekend yesterday. First, I had a haircut -- although, by the time I got home, it didn't look all that wonderful anymore:

but as my main purpose was to be able to see out from under my fringe again, I wasn't too disappointed with the result; and I like the colour combination I've chosen this time, of aubergine & copper.

Then, in the evening, I was one of 30,000 fans gathered in The Hague town centre for the homecoming and final concert in Kane's 2006 tour on what is basically our green; the show looked like this:

and sounded absolutely fantastic; however, since no one had told us there'd be a support act (let alone two), there was a bit of grumbling going on for the first two hours. It had been cool and rainy all day (and cool and rainy all of the previous month, really), and the Malieveld had basically turned to mud; there was nowhere to sit really and most of us had to stand around waiting, all packed tightly into the available space. My niece even had a fainting spell and we had to scramble to get out of the throng, until as if by magic we found a few cubic feet that weren't occupied and I could throw down my raincoat for us to sit on for 20 minutes or so, until finally Kane came on and we had to stand up again or be crushed.
We jumped around and danced, sang and shouted and this morning I woke up stiff as a board, hoarse, and with a taste in my mouth as if I'd been smoking 10 packets of cigarettes, but I've had a brilliant time so it's all good.

I hope you've all had a an equally good Saturday, too.
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