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My woobies' latest cd, Isalie, has just come through the post. Funny how they never have any problem getting stuff to me. Plus, they stuck another button in ::hearts them::

Carol G., on the off-chance you're seeing this: you still up for coming to the Glasgow gig with us? I seem to have lost your e-mail addy in my last PC crash (at work). I'd so love for you to be there...

Now I'm off to listen to my newest musical treat -- ta ra me duckies!

ETA: I can't keep this to myself as a private pleasure. You all have to share in this, so here's two great tracks off the album - see what you think!

Color Guard
Wasted Words


Sep. 14th, 2006 10:47 pm (UTC)
Re: CoRo's Californication
You never know, some bands that I love and respect have realeased stuff that I quite often go ...blah at: ) But no they hit the spot, bless them and bless you for sharing: )

Goes out to wait for the postman: )

Night, night
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