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Monday, Monday

Tired. Spent most of the day in hospital with Dad, for tests and whatnot. Will be doing the same again on Wednesday. Attended a meeting of our flat owner's association; I hate people wittering on about their broken hall light when we're there to discuss the legal construct. Buy a bloody lightbulb! I fear my attitude did not win me any new friends.

Anyway, I think we're all done with yesterday's Playlist Meme, so here are the titles to the lyrics you couldn't immediately place:

01) Cut Here, The Cure
I should've stopped to think - I should've made the time
I could've had that drink - I could've talked a while
I would've done it right - I would've moved us on
But I didn't - now it's all too late

(a typical Cure song of loss and regret -- Robert Smith at his miserable best!)

07) July, July!, The Decemberists
and I say your uncle was a crooked French Canadian
and he was gut-shot running gin
and how his guts were all suspended in his fingers
and how he held 'em
how he held 'em, held 'em in

(I only discovered this band a few months ago, but already they're one of my favourites)

08) Geno, Dexys Midnight Runners
The crowd, they all hailed you and chanted your name
But they never knew like we knew me and you were the same
And now you're all over, your song is so tame
You fed me, you bred me, I'll remember your name

(shame nobody got that...I believe it was a minor hit in 1980)

13) Crooked Teeth, Death Cab for Cutie
'Cause I built you a home in my heart,
with rotten wood, it decayed from the start.

19) Let The Happiness In, David Sylvian
I'm watching as the gulls all settle down
Upon the empty vessels
The faded whites of their wedding gowns
The songs of hopeless selflessness

20) The Devil You Know (God Is A Man), Face To Face
What they say,
does it make you feel ashamed?
Isn't everyone the same?
Does it matter that it wasn't your idea?

(I'm surprised no one got this, given the number of BtVS-fans on my flist -- surely I can't be the only one who bought the soundtrack?)

21) Nessun Dorma
Ed il mio bacio scioglierà.
Il silenzio che ti fa mio!

Il nome suo nessun saprà!
E noi dovrem, ahimè, morir!

(the version on my player is by Andrea Bocelli, but there are loads more out there, and I would have accepted any one of them)

25) Lo Que Siente La Mujer, Madonna
Te parece confundida
Su pasión está escondida
Nunca sabes lo que va a decir
Cuando empieza a sonreír

27) Saturday Night, Kaiser Chiefs
P-p-p-pneumothorax is a word that is long
They're just trying to put some punk back into punctured lung

28) Cinematographer, Common Rotation
I was a big ol' bear once (x4)
And I walked away from California
And I walked away from everything that's known
And I walked away from everything I lived for
Only to find that everything had grown

(apparently, the original is by a guy named Will Oldham)

29) Leaving So Soon?, Keane
You look down on me
Don't you look down on me now
You don't know me at all
A slap in the face
In the face for you now
Just might do now

31) Swallowed By The Sea, Coldplay
You put me on a shelf
And kept me for yourself
I can only blame myself
You can only blame me

(I've recently revised my opinion of Coldplay; I really like their album X&Y)
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