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I'm in two minds about whether or not to get quoted for double glazing. At our flat owner's meeting the other day, one of our number brought up the topic and said she was thinking of having double glazing put in next spring, and wondered if anyone else wanted to join in -- we might get a discount if more people decide to go for it at the same time.

Funnily enough, the thought had already crossed my mind fleetingly that same week, but I had dismissed it as being too much of an expense at the present time. However, my windows and more importantly, my window frames, date from 1949...which means that although they classify as decorative and original features, they aren't really up to modern-day specs. Also, the painters that painted them 3 years ago did a really bad job with the paint flaking off and exposing the wood underneath, leaving me to suspect that the condition they're in isn't that good anymore, either. If I said yes to double glazing, I wouldn't have to have another bad experience with housepainters delivering shoddy workmanship ever again...

The company she had approached about this has already replaced the windows in several flats in our building, and the owners of those flats wholeheartedly recommend them. They already have the measurements of the windows and going with them would greatly enhance the uniformity of the building as a whole, which is something to be considered as well...

So I'm thinking of adding my name to the list of interested parties, but however am I going to pay for it all if the majority decision is to go for the replacement? I have some money saved up for essential repairs, but there's nowhere near enough in the kitty for such a major alteration to be carried out on my premises. How does one go about this sort of thing? Why does no one in my family apart from me own their own home? Why did I have to wake up one day and decide I was going to buy a house, and 4 days later I had done exactly that? Why couldn't I have stayed in rented accommodation, and never have to worry about maintenance cost and what have you? Sometimes I think having my own flat is more trouble than it's worth.
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