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Not amused

Oh my God! They killed LJ!

ETA: Some more information on Sponsored Communities here

ETA2: bradfitz apologises and attempts to bring clarification to the issue here...still not allaying fears of sponsored censorship, though...

And, as an unrelated topic -- how does one switch off/turn on a modem, actually? I ask because my IP have informed me that they'll be improving the network and that as a result, I will be off-line this coming Wednesday. Then, when all the tinkering is done, I am to re-start my modem in order to get connected. Now, I've never really looked at that thing. Two years ago, a couple of nice young men came round and hooked me up to the Internet. Looking at it now, there does not appear to be an on/off switch anywhere that I can see.
Tags: lj, sixapart are evil

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