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Go bye-bye!

This will be my last post for a few days, as I will be boarding a plane to head for Britain tomorrow; and may possibly be my last ever, as I will be disconnected from the Internet by my IP as they will start to upgrade their whole network in about an hour, and I'm not sure I'll manage to hook myself back up again after they're done.

I haven't been on much lately through a combination of not having had anything to talk about and a preoccupation with following the news regarding the introduction of sponsored communities to LiveJournal, which I'm uneasy about - but not as uneasy as some, as one thing has remained very clear to me through all of this: I love my LJ and will stay here until -God forbid- Six Apart and August Capital pull the plug on the whole caboodle.

Anyway, it's Common Rotation time tomorrow and I'd better get thinking about what to pack and then take out 80% of what I've selected again so as I can get my suitcase to close; but I can't leave here without wishing magic_wanderer, hesadevil, and superplin a happy belated birthday, speakr2customrs and missmurchison a very happy birthday today, and itsabigrock a lovely day when it's her turn to celebrate on Oct. 7th.
Tags: birthdays, lj, sixapart are evil, travel

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