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When I said I might not be on for a couple of days, I forgot about the existence of all-night internet cafés...

We've just left The Troubadour in Earl's Court, where Corn Mo and Common Rotation played to a packed basement...and for once, a fair number of the audience was male! Not just guys dragged in by their girlfriends, but guys who had obviously come to check both acts out for themselves.

Anyway, Corn Mo opened (as usual) with gusto, playing old favourites interspersed with new material. Common Rotation played most of the songs on their latest release Isalie and almost brought the house down with it. The band were enjoying themselves on stage, it was obvious, and ended with an off-mic right in front of us anonypooh, freakspawn, love_by_137, and me), so that I got a chance at my one clear photographic shot: the back of Adam's head! You wouldn't believe how clear a shot I got of that! ;-)

Afterwards, we mingled, and had a drink, and a chat, with old acquaintances and friends; and then Corn Mo spied me across the room and came towards me enthusiastically, and catching me in a big bear hug, called me by name and said how wonderful it was to see me again; how it had been a year and whether he would be seeing me anywhere else on this tour. Then he spied Jules right behind me and greeted her in like manner, and we made plans to all have breakfast together again in Glasgow same as we did last year -- only on the way back to our hotel, we suddenly realised that we would be leaving really early as we've booked ourselves on the stupid o' clock flight to Birmingham on Sunday...Oh well, we'll just have to go for doner kebabs after the last show then.
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