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"Are you someone famous?"

Oh brave new Internet access!! How I've missed you! After spending my morning and half of my afternoon making frantic calls to my IP helpdesk and sticking cables in and out of every socket that could even remotely be conceived of of forming my main telephony/ADSL entry point, I'm hooked back up to the Internet again -- what a relief!

Right. Common Rotation. What an amazingly talented lot of young men they are. I mean, I knew they were good; but this last tour, they were even better than they were on their last. I don't know what it is exactly, but technically, they have progressed in leaps and bounds -- their harmonies are faultless live, which I imagine must be a very tricky thing; and yet they seem to do it effortlessly. Their musicianship is unmistakable, bordering on virtuosity. And they're so confident and relaxed on stage -- they really do belong there. Whatever words I use after this, they really won't do them justice at all. Please, if you haven't yet, and you have a chance to go see them in the near future, do -- even if folk isn't your thing, or if you think that folk isn't your thing; I'm sure you'll come away from that gig buzzing, and wanting more.

I met up with anonypooh in London on Thursday, and later, in The Troubadour, with quietlychaotic and her sister, love_by_137, and Davina who doesn't have a LiveJournal. miss_fairfax joined the party later, bringing her brother and a friend; and Geoff was there with his fiancée; the Germans obviously, and grimma who had brought no less that 3 of her countrymen with her; and the scary goth girl that you can't hear what she's saying because she's got so many studs in her mouth; but honestly, the place was packed that Thursday night, lots of guys there too, for a change. Nai, Jules and I were in our usual spot up on the benches next to the sound booth (manned by Ben this time), and Christy and Debs up on the fire escape as per usual, from which we all had excellent views. Corn Mo was received with cheers and jubilation, and he did an excellent set of old favourites and new songs (Thank You with Jordan on muted trumpet), one of which was a song he was still working on, about a werewolf. Unfortunately, after receiving negative feedback from one (ONE!) member of the audience, it never made an appearance again on this tour.

Common Rotation played for an hour and a half, and brought the house down...or at least they did in our side of the room. The Troubadour's basement is roughly U-shaped, with the bar taking up one upright of the U, and the audience space the other upright and the bottom bit. We were in the upright bit, where everyone was standing, dancing and having a good time; but we couldn't see around the corner where apparently, everyone had sat down on the floor in some sort of weird serious listening mood...Still, they enjoyed themselves, I think. The band however, contrary to their usual practice, chose our bit to do the off-mic in, with Adam climbing up on a stool at our table, enabling me to get a perfect shot of the back of his head...(I'm ashamed to admit that I still can't get any decent photos off my digital camera).

You know who else was there? Amber Benson, wearing skinny jeans and a green T-shirt, her hair swept up and no make-up on...and looking absolutely gorgeous. Lovely lady.

Of course we hung around after the gig and had the convo with Corn Mo as already relayed, and a quick hello with some of the boys. Jordan was a bit upset as they had confiscated his beard oil at the airport, but otherwise they were all fine and dandy and friendly. Julia and I went back to the Travelodge on a high, got accosted on the tube by two city types because of our Oscars that Christy had brought back from LA as a souvenir, and I fell asleep listening to the night's recording on my travel companion's inestimable iRiver.

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