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Can't think of a title for this

My digital camera is being very annoying. Despite all the settings being set to 'Transfer new images only' -and I double- and triple-checked them!-, it's suddenly decided to transfer all 200+ pictures currently residing on its memory card. Stoopid camera! I swear, if it didn't have its uses, it would now be lying at my feet in a thousand pieces. I had to lock it away and sit on my hands for a few minutes in order to stop myself from smashing it into the wall earlier.

Never mind. I just want to record the fact that I have a new raincoat. But not just any old raincoat. No no - I have the ultimate raincoat. By which I do not mean that it's made of Goretex and totally waterproof...I mean, it may be waterproof (though it certainly isn't Goretex), but I haven't tried it out in any heavy rain yet, and so I can't say. But what I can say is that it is gorgeous. It's got a very feminine, hour-glass figure emphasizing, cut. It's got a big turned-up collar in which the hood is cleverly hidden away. It's made of yards of material, it reaches to the ankles or almost, and the skirt billows and swishes when you walk. It cost much more than I was planning to spend, but as soon as I tried it on, I knew I wanted it. Next time I go on tour and it's pissing it down, I may still end up looking like a drowned rat, but at least I'll be an elegant, well-dressed drowned rat for a change.

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