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My word, but that was embarrassing! I hate to say it, but for once, the critics were right, and no amount of prettiness provided by Richard Armitage can save the 'updated for the 21st century' version of Robin Hood. It is dire. The writing is all over the place, the special effects/fight sequences are a shambles, and the props are ludicrous. Not only is Robin's bow design not that of a 12th century bow, and have the Norman guards uniforms very little to do with their historical attire; but who at the BBC props department came up with the idea to dress the merry men as modern day travellers with doorags and knitted many-coloured jumpers? Where did the Calvin Klein underwear come from? And what Sheriff of Nottingham would ever be seen dead going to bed in black silk pyjamas ca. 1200 AD?

There's only one thing that can help obliterate this stain from my memory: I need to watch my Robin of Sherwood-DVDs again stat....and then once more for good measure.
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