Gamiila (gamiila) wrote,


I left work two hours early today, having become decidedly unwell shortly after luch -- I blame the fried rice and peanut sauce special I should have had more sense than to say yes please to. Only now am I starting to feel a little better again, and for some strange no-reason I feel that I've earned myself a treat. The problem is, I can't decide whether to wait until the weekend when I can go back into town to buy the brandy-coloured half-high boots with Victorian heel detail and the cute little bow on the toe that I spotted last Saturday; or buy the complete DVD-set of Cold Feet plus Jimmy Sommerville's Greatest Hits-CD online now...

Meanwhile, 'happy birthdays' are in order, to tori_x and cheesygirl, so long as they're not out trick or treatin'.
Tags: birthdays, real life

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