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So, yesterday...

If there's one thing I've learnt from yesterday's outage, it is that a day without LJ tends to go from bad to worse very quickly. I was so off my game that, going out to take my mind off the fact that I couldn't log on and had to find some other way to amuse myself, I first bought a book that on returning home I found to already own a copy of (it had just been re-published under a new title); and then a new set of rather expensive in-ear headphones that are both an improvement and a disappointment at the same time -- the sound quality is better, and they don't chafe as much as the headphones that came with the device do, but the flipping leads are the wrong way round, with the shorter lead on the left earpiece and the longer one on the right. Since I wear my bag, and therefore my mp3 player, slung over the right shoulder, this requires me to wear the right earpiece in the left ear and the left in the right, and they don't really fit that way. I've tried switching my bag to the other shoulder, but it just doesn't feel right. Why they can't put a warning on the packaging that the leads are non-adjustable and that the left earpiece is on the shorter one and therefore completely useless to people who habitually carry their player on the right hand side, is beyond me. Also, Amazon delivered what I thought was going to be Erich Maria Remarque's novel Im Westen Nichts Neues, which my dad had asked me to get for him, but which on closer inspection turned out to be Erich Maria Remarque - Im Westen Nichts Neues. Kommentare, Diskussionsaspekte und Anregungen für produktionsorientiertes Lesen - in other words, not what he asked for. And speaking of Amazon, I found out that their One Click Buying-option really does mean that...when all I wanted was to have a quick look-see as to what my order would total at, then abort.

On the plus side though, while I was out, total strangers kept coming up to compliment me on the cut and fit of my new coat, which made me feel good and strut like a peacock all day long. ;-)
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