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I can't seem to wake up this morning. I've had my 5 hours of sleep and giant cup of coffee, but I'm still sitting here at my desk fighting the urge to yawn, and yawn's this murky, grey, drizzly morning, I suppose...and the staying up late because ::SQUEEEEEE!!!:: my 2nd box of BtVS S7 tapes arrived last night, and of course I had to check if 'Showtime' was on it - and then I had to check if there wasn't anything wrong with any of the other eps, because I so did not want a repeat of the shock, horror and profound disappointment of last May when I discovered that the last episode on the 1st batch, purporting to be 'Showtime', was in fact 'Potential'. So now I've got 2 'Potential'-s.

I'm very, very happy to have S7 complete. My chance to catch up with the rest of you has come at last! I wonder what's up with the Dutch commercial channel - they're starting up a new series of Charmed tonight, but there's been no sign of BtVS or AtS in their scheduling so far. I'm getting mighty impatient, and I know I'm not the only one.

Anyway, as I was rubbing the sleep out of my eyes and going through all my Friends' posts this morning, I came across automatedalice_'s Spilly fic Kiss Me Deadly, 1977, which jolted me awake enough to go through the FAQ and find out how to link to it from here - now I just hope it works!

Now before I come to the end of this unbelievably dull post, I must say "thankyou" to cosmicfish, who not only finished her excellent Recidivism recently (much to my enjoyment), but also took the time to explain to me about the appeal of the The Princess Bride. The book arrived in the same shipment yesterday on the strength of her recommendation, and at first glance looks to be exactly as she said it was. I'm going to lock myself in the flat with my Buffy tapes and my book this weekend, and woe betide any man/woman who dares intrude on my very private party!
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