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Is it Friday yet?

Because seriously, I want it to be. I've taken every Friday from now till the end of the year off (okay, so it's only six Fridays, but still...) and they're going to be my me time - I'll lay about, lounge around, faff about, do nothing except those things I want to do; no commuting, no working, no letting Jobsworth get on my case or on my tits -- but I've still got to muddle through two more days in this week. I just hope I can hang in there that long.

Tomorrow's going to be a complete nightmare of a day, as I've just found out there's going to be a strike on all public transport from 9am till 4pm. Apparently, it's been announced on the news and in the papers for some time, but until this afternoon, I was blissfully unaware; then Jobsworth thought to let me know that he expected me in before the morning rush-hour and the major disruption to all services because "I will not tolerate anyone ::glares:: using the strike as an excuse for being late" -- tosser.

I want it to be Friday already. I want to fiddle around with PSP XI some more, see if I can do another icon. A proper one, with layers and brushes and stuff. And cropped to Selection, as that was the answer I got in my dream last night -- 'Crop to Selection and you won't get stretching or those amateur white borders to top and bottom when you go to Resize'. It was also the answer I got over on icon_tutorial where I shamelessly asked for help with that very problem; that happened before my dream. I'll give them the credit if it works.

Alternatively, I could go to a movie. Or wander around a museum; I haven't done that in ages. I wonder if there's anything good on...Oh, why can't it be Friday already?
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