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Sinterklaas shopping

Having been issued with a Sinterklaas wishlist, I thought it wouldn't take me long to get the kids their presents. Wrong! Hours I spent in the shops, which were filled to overflowing with other disorganised folk like me trying to get their presents in before Pakjesavond on Tuesday night...and it's been raining all day, too. By the end of the afternoon, I was so fed up that all I wanted was to come home to a nice big cocoa; only to find that I'm out of milk and I'm going to have to go out into that filthy weather again in a minute. Dear God, how long before Romeo stops believing in Sinterklaas and I can quit all this running around? The older kids are taking the mickey too: 17 euros for the latest Pussycat Dolls album (at least I hope it's the latest, but it was the only one I could find in all 5 record stores I visited, so it'd better be)! Luckily Mick has requested either the new Scissor Sisters-cd (at those prices? I don't think so!) or 'anything by Bowie', so I got him Heathen, which I'll be copying for myself before gift-wrapping it in the special Sinterklaas gift wrap I bought. Mick's turned into a Bowie-fan over the summer, and it's fun to see how he tries to model himself on his new idol in style of dress and haircut. He's fortunate too, in that he's got quite a similar physique, and so the Bowie-look looks good on him. Don't know if he's similarly gifted as an artist...but no matter: I think I can live with having a Bowie looky-likey for a nephew!
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