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So I usually steer clear of the love-ins...but not this one! Tis the season after all, and I like the somewhat altruistic spin on this anonymous love meme. The idea is that instead of putting your own name forward and inviting people to express their appreciation of you, you put someone you think deserves it more's username up...and see what happens. Hopefully, quite a lot ;-)

I've got the day off tomorrow, and if it can stop raining and blowing up a force 5 gale, I'm going out to try and find a posh frock for our upcoming office Christmas party, for which the dress code has been set as gala. I've seen a few nice things, but I'm not going to throw wads of cash at a dress I'm only going to wear the once, so...fingers crossed I'll find something reasonably priced yet still looking the part.
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