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Dementia creeps...

I've always prided myself on having an excellent memory. But yesterday, my life-long belief in my powers of recognition were shaken somewhat when I spent an hour or two at my old high school reunion.

There I was - I recognised the building, the halls and the corridors easily enough; although everything seemed to have shrunk somewhat. But it was most upsetting to find that I recognised none of the people present (safe for one), which would not have been a problem if none of them had known who I was, either. But everywhere I went, people started waving and calling and screaming "Omigod! Hedwig! I don't believe it!" and then they launched into these anecdotes and reminiscences that sparked no memory in me whatsoever. After about an hour, I felt so dreadfully guilty that here were all these nice, kind people who for 20 years or more had kept the memory of me alive in their hearts and minds, and I had completely forgotten about them, and I would have gone home there and then if I hadn't spotted the girl I had been best friends with during the 2 years I spent at this school...Finally, someone I could have a real, two-sided conversation with!
They persuaded me to pose for a class picture - but I'm afraid I didn't quite manage to mask my bewilderment. My face is one big question mark: who are these people?
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