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My Easter weekend

What a lovely long weekend that was! I really should have 'em like that more often...4 glorious days of dolce far niente, and even if the temperature had dropped, it was still sunny and bright enough for lots of outdoor fun to be had.

Good Friday was spent as Good Fridays usually are, or have been since my student days: boating and picnicking with friends - just eating, drinking and being merry. It's good, to meet up with people you no longer see or know what occupies their mind on a daily basis anymore; see how much they've changed since their days of youth and irresponsibility - and hear them say how much you've haven't, which is totally untrue, of course...unless they were complimenting me on my youthful appearance? Over the years, most of us have acquired careers, spouses, children and/or mortgages, so the things we discuss have become more mundane than they were when we started this tradition (in those dim and distant days, we were certain we were going to change the world), but it's still just as enjoyable as before...and the old Jewish cemetery in our old university town is still the best place for an uninterrupted picnic. It's no longer in use and can only be reached by boat, which makes it beautiful, peaceful and quiet; ideal to the needs of a boisterous group of 30- and 40-something ex-students. All in all, Good Friday was an exceptionally fun day.

Saturday was spent in a flurry of activity; I was hosting a dinner party on Sunday and so had to get the groceries in and the house in order. The first task was easily performed but the second...I'm the worst housewife imaginable. I hate housework. The only reason I will do it is because I don't want to end up living in a pig sty, but it takes dinner parties, stay-overs and the like to get me to do a thorough job of it. When it's just me, I don't care if there's dust bunnies under the sofa, but as soon as I'm expecting company, they have to go. By the end of the day, I tumbled into bed exhausted, but proud in the knowledge that my kitchen was spotless, my bathrooms spic and span, my windows sparkling and my parquetry floors shiny with a new wax coating. And I swear, if I'd had some emulsion paint still lying around from last time, I would have re-done the kitchen walls too. Maybe that's a job I'll save for next weekend...

Sunday dawned, and I had to get out of bed quickly to do the ironing...another of those chores I hate. I hate it so much in fact that I rather go out to buy stuff than take to time to go through my pile of ironing - a habit that's resulted in my ending up having far too many clothes in relation to the storage space available to me. Something had to be done, and fortunately, one of my friends declared herself up to the task of casting a critical glance at my wardrobe, weed out what I don't need, don't wear, and frankly should never have bought in the first place. We'd had to re-schedule this planned event a number of times, during which time my pile of ironing and wardrobe kept growing, but this Sunday it finally came to pass.
And it was hard. She was ruthless. She made me throw out half of my undies, tights, socks, scarves, hats, belts and evening gloves before diving into the rest of my collection in earnest; and in the end I was left with 7 bin liners full of clothes and 3 of shoes to be carted off to the Salvation Army charity shop. I've lost 7 overcoats; I could only hang on to my tattered old biker jacket by lying through my teeth that I had promised it to my nephew. But if getting rid of my surplus clothes was hard, getting rid of a large chunk of my shoe collection was even harder. I adore shoes. I've got them in all shapes and colours, in all kinds of materials and styles. Some I buy and wear till they disintegrate; others I buy and keep in their boxes forever (I may occasionally remember them, take them out and re-assess them, but mostly they just never get to see the light of day), but I have a real problem saying goodbye to them. So I'm completely amazed that I managed it this time. 57 pair in one go...
The end result is worth it, though. Now if I open my wardrobe, there's so much space inside, and I can see at a glance whether or not I've got something to wear. It's all neat and tidy and colour coordinated; it's like a dream! I hope I can keep it like that for a good few months at least.

Then it was time to prepare for dinner, P. had volunteered to do the first course so I could concentrate on the main course and dessert...and as I was feeling mildly devil-may-care-ish with the shock of having lost so many items of clothing and perhaps also with the amount of wine I'd been guzzling all afternoon to help get me through the exercise, I decided to keep it simple and just treat them to cod (with parsley, red peppers and oregano) and for afters, strawberries in a lemon/pepper sauce.

Inevitably perhaps, Monday was spent slowly recuperating from the wine and the evening before...


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Apr. 22nd, 2003 03:14 pm (UTC)
Good God, that's a lot of shoes....
57 pairs? If I knew how to do bold and italic, I'd do it. And are you getting overwhelming urges to go out and replace them all? 57 pairs. Good God, that's a lot of shoes.

Glad to hear you had a good weekend - sorry to hear today has been making you pay. Strawberries in lemon and pepper - mmm, I've done them with balsamic vinegar and pepper, but not tried lemon. How do you do it, just squeeze on the juice? Sorry, gone all Delia. It's just....Good God, that's a lot of shoes.........

I'm very impressed with the domestic goddess routine, BTW! Couldn't just hop over and polish my parquet for me, I guess? At least, I think it's parquet - hard to tell under the ground in chocolate, crayon and.....nameless sticky stuff, not to mention the two tons of small and very sharp Lego. Teach me to wander around barefoot. Which gets me back to...Good God, that's a lot of shoes....
Apr. 22nd, 2003 08:22 pm (UTC)
57 Pair of Shoes
Are you a centipede?
Apr. 24th, 2003 12:55 am (UTC)
Re: 57 Pair of Shoes
If I was, I'd be 10 pairs short now...
Apr. 24th, 2003 12:54 am (UTC)
Re: Good God, that's a lot of shoes....
57 pairs of shoes gone the way of the dodo...does this awaken the urge in me to go right out and buy replacements? YES. Good God, yes! But I can't. I mustn't. I shouldn't, really...Still, I'm tempted!

But P. knows me (and the contents of my closet) too well. She's bet me that I won't last 3 months without buying anything new. My hands are tied. My honour's at stake. I'm going to get through this! Even if it's hard, with only 6 black skirts left to choose from (along with 4 purple, 2 denim, 2 brown, 2 multi-coloured, 2 white and 1 green), when before I owned 15...*sigh*

As to the strawberries in lemon/pepper sauce, it's easy:
- take strawberries, lemons, caster sugar and freshly ground pepper (or, I usually just take a handful of pepper corns and bruise them);
- squeeze the lemons into a saucepan, add the caster sugar and the pepper corns; heat over a slow fire until the sugar dissolves;
- pour over strawberries and allow to cool.

( 4 Speak Like A Child — Shout To The Top )

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