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So - after watching the whole of S7, I am left with several questions:

- why is the First Evil such a wuss?

Throughout the series, I'm under the impression that the FE wants to get rid of the whole Slayer line. It picks off Potentials, blows up the Council, sends the Bringers and the Turok-Han to do just that, and manifests itself as trusted dead people to screw with the minds of the Scoobies. It's never very consistent in its attacks, never seems to press its advantage in any meaningful way, but at least it does succeed in making a nuisance of itself most of the time, and wearing the Slayer out. Then in End of Days it tells Caleb to let Buffy go without opposing, delaying, fighting her, so that she can go to Faith and the Potentials' assistance? Why did it throw in the towel like that?

- what was the point of that whole Eye of Botox-y thingie?

And couldn't the props dept. have come up with something a little less here's-one-I-made-earlier/sticky-back-plastic-y?

- in terms of Anya's character development, what did Hallie's death mean to her?

Apparently, not a lot.

- as the Key, Dawn's been around for ages, so maybe it's not so surprising that she reads cuneiform/knows Sumerian - but when did she learn to drive?

(I'm assuming she took the wheel after tasering Xander when he drove her out of SunnyD)

- why is Wood still a part of the inner circle after LMPTM, with a vote in how things are handled?

Actually, what made him a part of it in the first place? Rogue demon hunter come to help? Fine - but don't get in the main protagonists' way!

- Giles's about-face, which for me came out of the blue and was never resolved

...and while we're at it, what about all the other betrayals, the Potentials, Willow, Xander, and Dawn - they kick Buffy out, and the next day they're all pallsy again, and acting like a team?

- for 22 episodes, Willow's all "Oh, I can't do magic!" - then all of a sudden, she's got the confidence to try some major mojo?

- how annoying is Kennedy?

- what, exactly, was Caleb's purpose? what was his backstory? how did he come into contact with the FE?

But putting all that (and countless other issues) aside - as far as the Spike/Buffy relationship goes in S7...I do believe it's love.

And just because we're all doing this (and I'm still trying to get the hang of this linking thing): who's a pretty boy then?
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