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A special kind of Christmas

Here we are, on this third day of Christmas, and I finally got to see The Runaway Bride, since I'm sick with the flu and therefore at home and (mostly) abed instead of at the office, working.

I must say, it didn't disappoint; in fact, I thought it a lot more fun than last year's Christmas special. At first, with the RoboSantas and the Christmas tree, I thought 'oh here we go again', but then I got caught up in the action and the banter and I didn't really notice them anymore. The monster was a triumph of the makeup department and, in true new Dr. Who-fashion, ultimately vain and easily defeated (why do the baddies always insist on talking so much?). Catherine Tate's character turned out to be quite plucky and endearing, especially after her fiancé turned on her; and David Tennant's Doctor has become a sadder, much less shouty one, and after what happened to him and Rose, that can only be right.

I wonder if I'll watch the Sarah Jane-spin off on New Year's Day. I gave up on Torchwood after seeing two or three episodes, as I found I couldn't really care about any of the main characters, whether Owen snogs whatsherface or Ianto turns gay from one week to the next...but at least the trailer for the third Doctor Who-season looked interesting and I think I will tune in again.

Anyway, Christmas...what is there to say about Christmas? Mum had the flu, the kids had the flu, I've come down with the flu since - and this led to us having a quiet family Christmas, all without a tree, without presents, and without a Christmas dinner. It was different, and actually quite nice, in a way. Though I do hope next year, we'll have one with all the trimmings again.
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