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Happy post

A year after the fact, and I find out that one of my favourite bands of a decade ago have reformed. Kula Shaker are back in the studio recording their third album -- I wonder if I'll like them again. I'm certainly going to try and find out as soon as it hits the stores.

My Creative Zen Touch replacement arrived in the mail on Friday, and so far, seems to be working like a dream. Although I'm a bit sad that I've only been able to recover 815 of the 4200+ songs in my original playlists (I couldn't do a final backup of my old player before sending it off, as it was unable to retrieve its hard disk; on top of which I've found I've been quite rigorous in deleting mp3 files from my computer in recent months), I'm happy as Larry that starting from tomorrow, I can go back to listening to my favourite tunes while on my daily commute. I have missed doing that the last 2 1/2 weeks, more than I thought I would.

What's going on with SendSpace and YouSendIt tonight? Why should it take 2 hours to upload a single 4MB worth of song? Sod that for a game of soldiers; we'll just do a little game instead. You know the one I mean:

Get your playlist together, put it on random, and play. Pick your favourite lines from the first 35 10 ('cause I'm kind of in a hurry here) songs that play. Post and let everyone you know guess what song the lines come from...WITHOUT LOOKING IT UP!

01. You do not know how much this hurts me
To say these things that I don't want to say
But have to say them anyway

02. The girl is at your side - are you gonna do it?
She wants to be your bride - are you gonna do it?
She wants to multiply - are you gonna do it?
I know you won't be satisfied until you do it!
- recognised by deadsoul820, it's Some Like It Hot by Power Station

03. We meet ev'ry day at the same cafe,
6:30 I know she'll be there,
Holding hands, making all kinds of plans
While the jukebox plays our favorite song.

04. A smash of glass and a rumble of boots -
An electric train and a ripped up phone booth -
Paint-splattered walls and the cry of a tomcat -
Lights going out and a kick in the balls -

05. Lumber up, limbo down,
The locked embrace, the stumble round,
I say go, she say yes,
Dim the lights, you can guess the rest
- recognised by deadsoul820, it's Love Is The Drug by Roxy Music

06. The way you walk
The way you talk, and try to kiss me, and laugh
In four or five paragraphs
All your compliments and your cutting remarks
Are captured here in my quotation marks

07. All good thoughts is not the act of doing
What we want but what we should improving
Properties, ideas, a woman's pleasure
is empowered by love, a perfect measure!

08. Never put your hands on a man except in dancing
Whispering, giggling at the same time have no place in good society
Don't think you can be rude to anyone and escape
Wh-wh-whispering is always rude
Don't hang on to anyone for support
Don't stand or walk with your chest held in and
your hips forward in an imitation of a reverse letter S

09. As much as I definitely enjoy solitude
I wouldn't mind perhaps
spending a little time with you

10. But it's the price you pay
And you're a very sexy girl
That's very hard to please
You can taste the bright lights
But you won't get them for free
In the jungle
- bogwitch pipped skylar_muc to the post, it's Guns 'n Roses's Welcome To The Jungle

(Sorry, there may be one or two obscure ones in there, but that's my current playlist for you)
Tags: kula shaker, memes, mp3-player

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