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Some random notes

Happy birthday, ter369!

I've been following the goings-on in Albert Square with interest bordering on the obsessive again. Has anyone else been watching the saga of Sonia, Martin and what appears to be the murder of his mum, and the tug of war over Rebecca, with me? Finally, it looks like EE is back on track -- and yet it isn't, as the storyline keeps twisting and turning and fails to make any sense. Sonia smacks her ex-mother-in-law upside the head, and a few hours later Pauline is found collapsed in the square, dead from what the resident GP reckons is an aneurysm. Yet a week later, Sonia is arrested on the garblings of a 6-year old and a confused and grieving old woman, released, and now a fugitive from the law since the police have decided it was a murder after all, and that Pauline died from a wound consistent with having been hit with a heavy blunt object. So, when she fell, did she hit her head hard on the pavement? Or did Joe sneak up behind her and whack her over the head with his righteous anger? Because Sonia -- no, she can't have been the one responsible for Pauline's death. No way.

I hate how they keep messing about my long-time favourite characters. Sonia and Martin were alright until the writers suddenly decided to make Sonia a lesbian. That approach didn't work, Sonia and Martin got back together again (I was so pleased!)...and now they seem to want to make Sonia into a murderess. Whatever happens after this, I don't think my favourite young couple can ever patch things up between them again, and I'm really sorry for it. It's not like Luke & Lorelai, who may have been temporarily side-tracked by the whole Lorelai-sleeping-with-Christopher-thing at the moment in Gilmore Girls (and yes, I'm sure I'm years behind on that), I'm sure they'll work it out; but Sonia and Martin? I don't think they can ever recover from this. Especially now that Sonia's snatched Rebecca...

The man from the double glazing company will stop by tomorrow, to measure up my windows. This means I can't have a lie-in, but am going to have to get up early in order to tidy the place up a bit. I don't want him to get the impression I won't look after his windows once they're fitted...though I believe they require very little maintenance, which is why I went for them in the first place. It's the third company that I've gotten a quote from, but the only one that could come up with a design that mimics that of the 60-year old windows I have now, and is in keeping with the architecture and feel of the flat. As the large expanse of windows and the resultant sea of light were what persuaded me to buy it in the first place, I feel it's important to pay attention to these details, even if it means paying a bit more.

The other day, I received the news that one of my oldest and dearest friends' brain tumour, that he's been battling for the last 7 or 8 years, with chemo and several life-threatening operations, is back again. He's scheduled in for surgery at the end of the month. We, his wife, family, and friends, try and remain confident, but there is a worry at the back of all our minds. Not so much about whether or not he can survive this particular op, but how many more times will he have to go through this after this? There's only so much the doctors and surgeons can do - how much longer before they run out of options?

Myself, I'll be going for a scan on Wednesday, to map the extent of the damage to my achilles. Strangely though, after months of having been extremely painful, from the moment I've made the appointment, it has behaved itself.

To end this post on a more cheerful note, though: I've booked a trip to New York, and I've only got 50 more weeks to get through before I'll board that plane!
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