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They did an ultrasound of my achilles this morning. The radiologist said that as far as he could tell, it looked fine, with no obvious calcification or tearing. And now I'm totally confused: if there's no sign of any damage to it, except the normal wear and tear, then why am I constantly in pain? Why, when I get up in the morning, can I not stretch my leg, or put my heel to the floor? Why do I always need some 10 minutes to warm up? Why, if I sit down for any length of time, and then get up again, do I stumble and limp for a while before I get back into my stride? Why is there this constant dull pain in my calf, and can't I push off or stand on tiptoe with my left foot? If it's not my achilles, then what. the. hell. is it?
Tags: health, injury
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