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Oops! I did it again

Bought shoes, that is. After months of having been strangely uninterested in frittering money away on footwear, I've made up for my former frugality by purchasing not one, but two pairs. Oh well, they didn't break the bank and they're not anything special; it's just that I couldn't think of a reason not to buy them.

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Jan. 21st, 2007 01:20 pm (UTC)
*gasp* I love the purple ones!
Jan. 21st, 2007 07:55 pm (UTC)
They're cute, aren't they? I spotted them last week, but I was wearing thick socks and cumbersome hiking boots at the time and didn't want to go try them on...but then I kept thinking about them all week long. In the end I just had to put myself out of my misery, and go back for them!
Jan. 21st, 2007 01:54 pm (UTC)
i love your shoe postings.

i wanna be a self-respecting woman. do flat maryjanes count? i have one in old rose pink canvas, and another in black leather.
Jan. 21st, 2007 07:50 pm (UTC)
Do flat maryjanes count? Why, certainly they do! And yours sound especially nice.
Jan. 21st, 2007 02:37 pm (UTC)
Those are both adorable.
Jan. 21st, 2007 07:48 pm (UTC)
I agree wholeheartedly. ;-)
Jan. 21st, 2007 02:42 pm (UTC)
Ooo... those are cute!

I agree... sometimes, it woudl be wrong to say no.
Jan. 21st, 2007 07:47 pm (UTC)
Thank you! I'm quite pleased with both of them. Unfortunately though, after all the mild weather we've been having lately, it appears snow is on its way and I doubt that these will see much wear this week.
Jan. 21st, 2007 03:45 pm (UTC)
Yum, purple! But you, in ballet flats? Yes, I remember you were looking at some glitzy ones in Amsterdam, but I've only ever seen you in heels, even if lower than before lately...
Jan. 21st, 2007 07:42 pm (UTC)
Me, in ballet flats? Jazeker! In mijn jeugd (en nu praat ik over de vroege jaren 80) heb ik zelfs heel veel op ballerina's gelopen. Maar ja, toen stond alles me ook tien keer beter...

En de reden dat jij me nog nooit op platte schoenen hebt gezien is omdat jij zo lang bent, en ik me dus lekker uit kan leven zonder dat dat storend wordt. Mijn Engelse vriendinnen bijvoorbeeld zijn stuk voor stuk kleiner dan ik, en wanneer ik met hen op stap ga, draag ik bij voorkeur lage hakken zodat ik niet steeds boven ze uit hoef te torenen. Maar bij jou kan ik op palen staan, en dan zijn we nog in evenwicht. ;-)
Jan. 21st, 2007 07:30 pm (UTC)
*does not own any ballet flats*

The purple shoes are lush.
Jan. 21st, 2007 07:44 pm (UTC)
They are, aren't they? I just couldn't resist.
Jan. 21st, 2007 07:49 pm (UTC)
I want the purples ones. *drools*
Jan. 21st, 2007 08:03 pm (UTC)
I'm sorry, you can't have them. Well, not unless you come to Holland and I'll show you where I bought them...

(I just checked on the internet. They don't ship their wares).
Jan. 22nd, 2007 07:59 pm (UTC)
Dammit! *sighs*
Jan. 21st, 2007 07:53 pm (UTC)
I'm not a self-respecting woman, because I don't own a pair of ballet flats. Yours are cute, though. *g*
Jan. 21st, 2007 08:13 pm (UTC)
I'm sorry -- it's just that for the last year, ballet flats have been the number one fashion trend in footwear and I had resisted buying a pair all that time...until now. So yes, I am now a dedicated follower of fashion, hence the statement.

You should look into them, though. They're fun, funky, (reasonably) cheap, comfortable, and they go with virtually any outfit, from casual to chic. I used to wear them all the time when I was in school; then one day, they just stopped selling them...
Jan. 21st, 2007 09:57 pm (UTC)
Oh I love the purple ones! The others are a bit too flat for me, but nice none-the-less!
Jan. 21st, 2007 10:21 pm (UTC)
Seems like the purple ones are getting the big thumbs up from everyone! I'm glad.
Jan. 22nd, 2007 02:26 pm (UTC)
Ooooo pretty!!!

I'm a big fan of the ballet pump as you well know :)
Jan. 22nd, 2007 06:29 pm (UTC)
I know! And mine may look like they've been cut out of a tablecloth, but they fit perfectly and will do me real good service when spring comes along.
Jan. 25th, 2007 12:30 pm (UTC)
If I ever passed a shop window and saw those pruple ones.. I'd think of you! - Perfect!!

Did you hear Paolo Nutini released his next single just for you?!

Get online!!!! I need you ;)
Jan. 25th, 2007 07:25 pm (UTC)
Those lyrics -- they describe how I often feel to a tee! Perfect!

Get online!!!! I need you ;)

Why? Whazzup? It's not CoRo 'cause I just checked and their site is still stuck on 2006....
Jan. 25th, 2007 08:32 pm (UTC)
yep site is crap...myspace isn't:)..log on and go to my lj! I'm out for the evening..catch up in the morning!?
Jan. 25th, 2007 10:16 pm (UTC)
catch up in the morning!?

Definitely! I'm intrigued -- all I see is Pennsylvania, Massachusetts or Illinois...
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