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State of the achilles

If, for the last few weeks, I'd been slighty worried that just as I'd decided to call in the help of an expert, my chronic tendonitis had seemed to be subsiding into more of a minor inconvenience than a real medical problem, after my visit to the specialist earlier this morning, I need have no more such fears. Can I just say "owwie!"? The examination, manipulation and the exercises he's made me do, have made the pain, and my limp, come back with a vengeance.

I was examined by two doctors: the specialist and a resident. They were sympathetic, if slightly baffled when I had to admit that I've been having this on-going problem with my achilles for close to 10 years, without ever seeking more expert medical attention than just what my GP and physiotherapists could provide (except for once at the very beginning, when I went to see a colleague of his who wasn't too interested). I'm at a loss to explain it myself, except that sometimes you don't think your complaints are being taken seriously enough for you to pursue the matter. You just carry on as best you can; so what if you can't run like a gazelle? The only reason I've insisted on being referred this time is that after years of limping -and disguising that limp-, I'm now starting to feel the effects in my other leg, in my right knee and hip, that have had to take the strain all these years.

Anyway, these two doctors did take me seriously, did spot the problems right away, and have decided on a course of treatment -- consisting of more exercises, to be repeated twice daily, every day of the week and no slacking ;-)! Furthermore, I was quite impressed that the specialist immediately recognised that not only did I have a problem with my achilles, but also with my ankle; and he explained that the trauma to my ankle and its subsequent instability had probably further exacerbated the problem with my tendon. He even hazarded a guess that a basic defect in the ankle ligaments had been a contributing factor to the initial inflammation.

For now though, I have to do the exercises he's prescribed, and we will re-evaluate in 6 weeks. He thinks they may bring functionality back up to 70%, but he's warned me that they may be hard to keep up with because they're extremely painful. He's not wrong there. Owwie!



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Feb. 1st, 2007 12:44 pm (UTC)
You have my sympathy, I'm still limping too - hopefully not for 10 years!
Feb. 1st, 2007 03:50 pm (UTC)
Take care of yourself, and your ankle. If it doesn't get any better soon, take it to a doctor.
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Feb. 1st, 2007 01:08 pm (UTC)
I feel your pain. My ankle still gives me gyp after 10 years - and I'm still doing the exercises (They get easier).
Feb. 1st, 2007 03:56 pm (UTC)
Looks like I'm going to have to do these exercises for a long time too -- the rest of my life, possibly. And he's warned me, it may be years before they get easier (i.e. less painful)...

But -- no pain, no gain, right?
Feb. 1st, 2007 01:12 pm (UTC)
what is the functionality down to?

I've never noticed the limp .. just the falling over ;P

Huzzah for treatment though - eventually!

p.s. no slacking!!!!!!

Feb. 1st, 2007 04:11 pm (UTC)
what is the functionality down to?

It's around the 30% mark at the moment.

I've never noticed the limp .. just the falling over ;P

That's because I generally take pains (hee! get it?) to hide it. And although I wish I could say, hand on heart, that my tendency for falling over is just ordinary clumsiness, I can't be absolutely sure that my injury isn't at least partly to blame in some cases.

no slacking!!!

No, ma'am. Though I'm telling you, these exercises hurt tremendously. And I'm going to have to keep up with them in America, too.
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Feb. 1st, 2007 02:29 pm (UTC)
sometimes you don't think your complaints are being taken seriously enough for you to pursue the matter. You just carry on as best you can

YES, this sounds very familiar. I mean, at least I would hate to be a bother for no reason; you just grit your teeth.

But this is very good news; I'm happy for you. Wish the exercises didn't have to hurt so much, though.
Feb. 1st, 2007 04:24 pm (UTC)
Funny how that works, isn't it? You know there's a problem, you take it to one or more doctors,they either pooh-pooh it or shrug their shoulders, and then you start to doubt yourself, "Am I just imagining it then?" and you drop it. There's other things to worry about, and if this had been something to worry about too, something would have been done already. You don't want to be a bother, so you just go away.

But that'sall over and done with now. I'm glad I got referred to this specialist; he seems to know what he's talking about.
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Feb. 1st, 2007 08:28 pm (UTC)
I'm glad you found doctors who would take you seriously, even if the cure seems worse than the problem right now! *hugs*
Feb. 1st, 2007 08:34 pm (UTC)
It is worse! I've just given up on my evening exercises. I could only manage 15 stretches, before the pain became too much to bear -- I'm supposed to do 90!

I'll go back to it in a minute...I think...
Feb. 1st, 2007 08:54 pm (UTC)
I really hope they work - and at least someone recognises that you really do have a problem.
Feb. 1st, 2007 09:09 pm (UTC)
They'd better work; I'm not prepared to go through all of this for nothing.

(I've just done another 30 stretches. It gets easier once you're used to the feeling your leg's on fire. Only 45 more to go!).
Feb. 1st, 2007 09:44 pm (UTC)
In spite of the fact that the exercises are very painful ... the idea they may bring you back to 70% functionality is very cheering, so I think this is all good news! Yay! (Well, a subdued "yay," since I noted your owie-ness and sympathize ... but still!)
Feb. 1st, 2007 10:16 pm (UTC)
Yes, it is rather good news, though he did warn me not to expect any marked improvement within the next few weeks. Apparently, I'm in it for the long haul, and I'll have to keep up with these exercises for months and months. Still, it's worth a try, isn't it?
Feb. 1st, 2007 10:15 pm (UTC)
The exercises will get less painful although they'll always hurt a bit ( especially when you bend backwards aginst the tendon ) but they will make the world of difference . And you can't miss a day .. probably not for the rest of your life,But surely that's worth it to keep the flexiblity , regain some strength and keep the limpies to a minimum so that you can wear that lovely shoe collection

Good luck!
Feb. 1st, 2007 10:21 pm (UTC)
Thanks for the encouragement, I do need it 'cause oh my God, they really do hurt!
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Feb. 2nd, 2007 11:18 am (UTC)
It's just a great feeling, talking to a doctor that not only takes you seriously, they also know what the hell they're doing. I know that it should be like that with every doctor, but damn.

And while the exercises can suck, it's good knowing that you're doing something that will actually *work*.

Good luck!
Feb. 2nd, 2007 11:37 am (UTC)
Thanks! I intend to keep up with the exercises, and hope they have a beneficial effect because really, there doesn't appear to be that much else that can be done (injections or surgery seem to be the other options, both of which I'd like to avoid).
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