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No surprise here!

Season = Summer
You're Most Like The Season Summer ...

Whoa.... Passionate eh ?? Typically you're a fiery,
zesty dominant person. As the hottest season,
you certainly ooze Sex appeal. You have
confidence which draws people to you, and you
have the makings of a good leader.
However sometimes your exterior is stronger then
you are and so you scare people off before they
can get close.

Well done... You're the most memorable of seasons

?? Which Season Are You ??
brought to you by Quizilla

Duh!!! Of course I'm most like the summer season! I was born in the summer, I like summer best because it's nice and warm and I can eat all that lovely summer fruit and the sun's out and the skies are blue and everything's alright with the world and I'm happy!!!

snagged from rheastar66, BTW