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Yay, roadtrip!!!

I can't believe that this time next month, I'll (almost) be making ready to fly back home from the States! Left in the capable hands of anonypooh, plans for our New York sojourn are quickly coming together: places to rest our weary heads (not to mention our undoubtedly hurty feet), gigs to attend, and a hire car to get us from one city to another (NYC => Philly => Boston =>NYC) have all been sorted out, and at this rate, all I'll have to do is show up and look pretty. Which, if I can remember to pack my leopard boots, shouldn't be too hard. Yay, roadtrip!!!

Unfortunately, we just missed out on getting tickets to see Snow Patrol and OK Go at Madison Square now we're going to see Corn Mo at a club off Bleecker St on the 23rd instead. If anyone would care to come along..? Also, we're thinking of going to see Hair Spray, or any other show that might take our fancy (and for which tickets can be had).

Meanwhile, nothing much is happening in the real world of work, and trying to wind down at the weekend. The kids had their report cards to show me last Sunday, and they had all done so well in their respective schools that I'm afraid I went a bit overboard in rewarding them. Soraya got a 9.8 grade average for Latin and straight 8-s for almost everything else, so she fully deserved getting that mp3 player she wanted. In return, she showed me how to use the camera on my mobile, entered some of my most frequently used numbers, and prettied it up with a bespoke wallpaper of my youngest nephew while also adding all kinds of beeps and ringtones -- all in the space of a few minutes and without recourse to the manual (which I've read cover to cover three times now and still can't make head or tail of). She also wittered on about games, e-mail and Bluetooth, but lost me there completely. Honestly, I've become too old for my phone :(.

I'm persevering with my exercises, but they're not helping me walk any better. Actually, they've made my pain, and my limp, a lot worse -- which worries me a little. I'm better in heels, as that shortens the tendon, but in trainers, I'm in agony. My ankle's really playing up now, too, and I despair of it ever healing properly -- luckily, it's only three more weeks until I see the specialist again.
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