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The drive up to Cambridge

Sunday morning, and I start on my day with a nice, refreshing dip in the jacuzzi. If there was anyone in the B&B trying to have a lie-in, I don't think they could have managed it -- what a racket a jacuzzi makes! And, look! The owners have thought of everything. Not only is there soap, shampoo and conditioner in abundance, there are also...duckies!

At breakfast, Dave seems to have forgiven us for drinking all his wine, and we are treated to delicious home-made sodabread fresh from the oven. To show there's no hard feelings, he spends half an hour giving us directions on the road to Boston; directions which frankly go in one ear and out the other, as Lisa and Jules have already painstakingly researched and made up their minds how they're going to get us there.

We drop Ros off at the station, stopping for a photo opportunity at Mario the Magnificent, and drive straight on back to New York to pick up Nawaz, who despite countless phone calls on the way, still isn't ready to go when we get there. When he is though, he takes first crack at the wheel, and you can't beat a NY cabbie if you want to get out of the city fast and with the minimum amount of hassle.

The drive up to Cambridge is incident-free, but after several hours, hunger pangs oblige us to stop at a roadside McDonald's. After as short a break as we can manage, Jules takes her turn in the driver seat, soon gets the hang of the car and which side of the road she's meant to be driving on.

When we get to Cambridge, we find it's a busy, bustling town with lots of slow-driving traffic and not much parking space...except at the car park right next to the venue! We get out of the car and into the alley -- and there's Eric, busily talking on his mobile! We decide to move to the other side and hopefully pass him by unseen, but Jules trips and hurts herself (not badly, I hasten to add), and all such hopes are dashed. Through the windows of the basement of the club, we can see David and Jordan at rehearsals, and we go in to ask about our table and whether we can bring anyone else along to it. The waitress says she had seated another person there, but she can easily oust them, and having taken care of that, we pop into town and the nearest Urban Outfitters to get Nawaz a scarf as he's come without one and now feels the cold wind. An hour later, we've kitted him out with a new T, a jacket and a pair of shoes (but no scarf!), Julia has found herself a new top to wear to the gig, Lisa's got herself a hat and I've purchased a belt. Nawaz and Julia use the fitting rooms to change into their new gear, and then it's time to go back to Club Passim, which Adam referred to earlier as 'Club Possum'.

The club is tiny, and the best use has been made of the available floorspace by squashing the tables and seats close together. It's a vegetarian restaurant, and the portions they serve are huge:

I could only eat about a quarter of that. Still, it was delicious. Jules spots someone she knows in the crowd and has a chat with them. We eat, we drink (no alcohol!), we chat, and then the lights are dimmed and David and Jordan step up on stage.

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