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New York Monday

We got back to Queens in the wee small hours of Monday morning, and while Lisa went straight back out again to return the car to the Avis lot, the holiday makers went to bed and slept in. On waking, we decided to take a trip down to South Street Seaport, and once there trawled around the shops for a bit and had a late brunch of cheap Chinese. The place is not without its charms

but a bit windy

and basically, it's just another mall; so we soon headed back to the city by way of Staples where we picked up another memory card for Inspector Gadget, and Burger King to access the 'Net. I don't know why I logged onto Myspace, but I'm glad I did because I found that Corn Mo had left us a message, saying how our showing up at his gig Friday night had really made his day and were we free for lunch any of our remaining days? We let him know that of course we were, and Tuesday or Wednesday would suit us best.

Julia's lucky wristband really did work! Every time we rubbed it, something good would come our way. A bulletin came in from OK Go to announce that they would be doing a free gig at the Apple Store at 6pm the following day, and to get there early if we wanted to get in. And of course we wanted to! We'd been looking at buying tickets to the OK Go/Snow Patrol double bill in Madison Square Gardens before we came, but had left it too late to secure some -- and now this! All hail the lucky wristband!

We picked up Lisa from her place of work, and had dinner on Jules, to celebrate her winnings, at Ellen's Stardust Diner, where the waiting staff sing while you eat. We got to be quite fond of our waiter Benny

but unfortunately he was done singing before we were ready to go, and all our willing him back to mic failed to get a result. Maybe we should have rubbed the lucky wristband some more?

Back at the flat, Lisa must have been exhausted, but she willingly drew us up a list of not to be missed places to shop the next day, and then we all called it a night.

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