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Broken Tuesday (part 1)

The first thing I do the next morning, is to check my phone to see if Jon has texted us as I've asked him to. No such luck...but there is a MySpace bulletin to say he's got a gig at the Parkview Lounge in Houston (by which we assume he means the street) that night at 10. We leave him a message to say we're crazily busy that day, but will try to come to his show nonetheless.

Though really, we doubt that we can make it. We've been in the US for 4 whole days and a bit out of our 7-day stay, and we still haven't made any serious attempt at shopping, so today is set aside for that -- and OK Go in Prince Street at 6pm. Only it said to come down there early...but how early is 'early', we wonder. So we take the subway downtown to try and locate the Apple Store, and wouldn't you know it, it's right next door to J Crew, one of the shops on Lisa's list! The sun is out and the weather is uncommonly clement for the time of year, and so the first purchase of the day is mine: a stylish raffia bag, big enough to hold my coat and scarf.

We check out the Apple Store; there is a podium and some seating upstairs where we suppose the gig will be later, but where at that precise moment in time a woman holds forth on the blessings of iWeb to an audience of no more than 4 or 5 bored-looking individuals. Jules asks a 'genius', for that is what the assistants in the shop are called, what time he would recommend we come back to see the band, and he reckons 4pm should be good. That leaves us precious little time to do all the shopping we had planned on midtown...and when we get to the subway, we find our luck has run out, or almost: a building collapse up in 116th St has caused all trains up or down to be cancelled for the time being, and drives us to go back up and hail a cab. However, a cab is just as slow as a bus in Manhattan, and time is ticking away. We're dropped off at the Penguin Store, in search of a tie for Jules's hubby, but they don't carry any she likes and now she wants to go to Tiffany's...she has some birthday money to spend, after all!

We got there by way of Rockefeller Center, where we tried but couldn't find Anthropologie (Lisa had said it was around the side, but Rockefeller Center has too many sides to check if you're hot, thirsty, and in a hurry). After going around the counters in Fashion Jewelry twice, Jules settled on a cute silver ring with 5 little hearts on it. I texted Jon to ask till what time he'd be on, as not only were we now en route to OK Go, but we were also meant to be at David Berkeley's set at Makor in W. 67th St at 7:30pm, and thought we might possibly be running late.

We got back to Prince St just after 4pm, and joined the queue line, no more than 9 or 10 people long, and found that the wall we were leaning against actually belonged to the post office we had earlier been unable to locate!

(and that's my stylish J Crew bag there -- no, not the carrier bag, the one in front/next to it)

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