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Final days

On the Wednesday, we make a concerted effort to spend our last full day in New York going round the shops. We have breakfast on Lexington, then pop into the Diesel store across the road. I like Diesel, but it's usually way to expensive for me. While it isn't exactly cheap in New York either, the exchange rate is so wonderfully adventageous to us Europeans at the moment that here, I can splurge out. A lovely young man with dreads down to his buttocks helps me pick out a pair of trainers and some T-shirts, and manages to talk Jules into a skirt as well. While I'm in the fittings rooms, my phone rings; but the caller has hung up by the time I get to it. It's Jon. I call back and we agree a time and place for lunch.

After which, we resume our dawdling around the shops, but neither one of us buys anything much. Instead, we just walk, and walk, and walk all over town, window-shopping and enjoying the sun, until we start to feel our legs almost buckle under us, but still we persevere. We want to take in a show, and after we find out our first choice, Altar Boyz, isn't on that day, we trail around the theatres hoping to find a show that starts late enough for Lisa to join us after work, and for us to have a bite to eat first, but are unsuccessful in our quest.

Back to shopping we go, and I purchase a cardie in Macy's while Jules tries on and rejects several skirts. Lisa meets us there and takes us up to the shoe department, but although there are thousands to choose from, none of them take my fancy. Though we don't really want to think about it, the next day we will be leaving, and Nawaz will pick us up from the flat at 2pm, to take us to the airport.

We make an early start the next morning. We want to make as much as we can from our last hours in the city, and after our suitcases are packed (mine with much accompanying frustrated shouting), we head out to South Street Seaport again, to go see the Bodies exhibition which was on earlier in London and Amsterdam, but which neither of us has seen yet. Although when Jules had expressed a wish to see it earlier in the week, my initial reaction had been one of ick, I soon became totally absorbed in the exhibits and was particularly impressed by the the cases of veins (just veins), preserved and presented in the way they actually run through the body and therefore taking on a recognisable shape, of an arm, a leg, or an entire torso.

We meet Lisa again in Times Square, for a farewell lunch at Ollie's, where they serve the most delicious squid I have ever tasted in my life. We ring freakspawn so that she can join us at the table, and then Lisa takes us to the subway and tells us to take the express to Roosevelt and change to the local there, we should make it home in time for Nawaz...and so we get off at Roosevelt Island, and waste a full 20 minutes. When we get to our building, Nawaz is already parked in front of it, anxiously talking to Lisa on the phone. They were worried about us -- bless!

We go up, get our bags, and Jules makes a final circuit around the flat videoing it so that she can show freakspawn her sister's new abode, and then we're off. Despite the fact that we were half an hour behind on schedule, Nawaz gets us to our terminals on time, and then with a final hug, he's gone.

I pass through JFK security with two lipsticks and an emery board in my bag. They would have been taken off me at any European airport, but at JFK, they don't seem that bothered. Later, on board the plane, the stewardess and I are amazed to see that the two fat ladies sitting next to me were even allowed to pass security with their own supply of Diet Coke! They think they're so clever, not realising that on board KLM-flights, drinks are included in the fare, and so politely refuse the soft drinks, wine and liqueur they are offered. After we land, another American anxiously asks why he hasn't been given an Immigration form to fill out, and is perplexed to hear we do things differently over here.
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