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The continuing saga of my ankle

Rutger, my latest physiotherapist, is highly sceptical that there is much that he can do -- he can certainly help me regain some muscle strength and improve the stability of my ankles that way, but he can't do anything to improve the mobility in the joint -- that will have to be achieved by surgical means, he says. He's going to put together a programme for me, which I will have to follow to the letter and which will be quite strenuous for the first couple of weeks; and he will also contact the orthopaedic surgeon and tell him that in his opinion, surgery is unavoidable if I'm ever to regain the full use of my ankle. And I have to stop with the twice-daily exercises the specialist has me do to sort out my tendonitis; they may have been a great help with that so far, but they're causing further damage to the joint by making bone grind on bone (I thought I felt as much).
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