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I should have remembered it was Friday the 13th... the man from the gas board was late getting here, as being from out of town, he hadn't calculated on the fact that HRH The Prince of Orange would be registering his third daughter's birth at the Town Hall this morning, and the downtown area would be packed with people wanting to catch a glimpse of him. Following the live coverage on TV, I could see that he was taking his time, shaking hands and accepting flowers, cards and cuddly toys from school children and grandmothers who'd made the journey into The Hague from all parts of the country. Seems the new princess is to go through life with the name of could have been worse, I suppose. With the abundance of daughters having been born into the House of Orange in recent years, the collection of halfway decent traditional names in the Nassau family had already been exhausted.

Anyway, while waiting for the gas man to arrive, I started to half-heartedly do some housework...and broke the hoover. Literally, broke it. Snapped the tube in such a way that no amount of masking tape is going to help stick it back together. I'll have to go get a new one. Wish I could afford a Dyson....or maybe, I can? Will have to look into this. Everyone says they're much better than a traditional vacuum cleaner.

The gas man arrived, and I had to hurry him through his annual inspection so as I could be on my way to my physiotherapy session -- when my phone rang and it was Rutger, cancelling. He hadn't finished my training schedule yet, and could we maybe see each other on Monday afternoon or Tuesday morning instead? Tuesday morning? Jobsworth isn't going to like this, but okay. "1 o'clock alright?" "Since when is 1 o'clock 'in the morning'? I can do 11" So we compromised on 11:30am, but I can see I'm going to have a hard time fitting my therapy sessions into my schedule.

The crowds will undoubtedly have dispersed by now...I think I'll go into town, and dispel my annoyance at my waste of a morning by buying those wedges I saw earlier. I've checked all the fashion mags and apparently it's still okay to be seen in wedges this summer, so I'd better get another pair.
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