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Everyone seems to have expected me to buy a lot of shoes in NYC. I didn't. I only bought two pairs, and they are both decidedly sporty. Before my accident (which ironically enough happened whilst I was wearing a pair of trainers), I used to turn my nose up disdainfully at sporty shoes, and I still hate most of them (Nikes especially); but I've since come to more or less rely on them, as my ankle just can't cope with heels anymore. Not that that's stopped me buying heels, though. If I can't wear them, I can at least look at them and imagine myself in them.

And so I give you:


Apr. 15th, 2007 08:56 am (UTC)
Thank you. In my experience, wedges take some getting used to at first, but on the whole they are easier to get around in than heels. They're certainly more comfortable, as they support the whole foot rather than just take the weight on the ball of the foot; and as they're usually made out of cork, they're also extremely lightweight. I think I'll continue to wear them, even after they've gone out of fashion in a year or so.