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Thank God it's Friday!

So, I finally met up with Fran on Wednesday night, when she took me out to dinner to make up for sending me off to Schiphol on a wild goose chase. And as she left the choice of restaurant to me, I made it one of the better fish restaurants in town. Oh heavenly, heavenly scallops - how I love to gorge myself on you! Followed by oil fish in a green curry and coconut sauce...and Fran's pike-perch and spinach dish looked absolutely delicious as well.

We got caught up with all the news, and I got offered a job at the ICC.
- it's in The Hague
- it's tax free
- 1-year contract
- no pension fund
Tempting...but I think I'll have to pass on it. Mortgages and 1-year contracts don't mesh.

Looking forward to the weekend as the week I've just had has been absolute hell as far as work is concerned, and I basically thank God that I had the foresight to book myself a couple of days off next week, meaning I won't have to get back into the office until Wednesday. And then I've booked the Mon thru Fri in the week following off as well. I might even find the time to book an appointment with the hairdresser's next week!

Meanwhile, in lj, everyone seems to be doing these memes so I decided to follow suit; here's

Fifty Things I've Done
(and boy! was it hard to come up with that many)

1. lived in Denmark
2. lived in Luxemburg
3. lived in Spain
4. lived in Florence
5. lived in Leicester (England, in case there's one in the US that I don't know about)
6. lived in Istanbul
7. lived in Cairo
8. worked in Italy
9. worked in Israel
10. fenced on foil
11. fenced on epee
12. shot a bow and arrow (i.e., dabbled in archery)
13. rode a horse, or several
14. did the Ring of Kerry
15. did the Coast-to-Coast walk
16. ate chicken livers
17. placed a personal ad
18. answered a personal ad
19. cycled around Ireland
20. volunteered my time to several projects and charities
21. wrote letters every day to a friend who lived just a few doors down the road
22. married a man 12 years my junior
23. published articles in architectural magazines
24. read Beowulf in the original Old-English
25. read Chaucer in the original Middle English
26. earned two separate Bachelor's degrees
27. gave myself a whiplash tripping over a dog
28. caught and prepared my own salmon
29. rode a camel, or several
30. rode in the cab of an Intercity train
31. rode in the back of a pick-up truck
32. drove a Jeep through the desert
33. canoed down a river and through some rapids
34. floated on the surface of the Dead Sea
35. saw a dead body
36. saved someone's life
37. lived alone
38. developed photographs in a darkroom
39. hand-reared kittens
40. wandered around the UN headquarters in New York for a day
41. had lunch and a tour of the facilities at the NYSE club on Wall Street
42. cooked a traditional Dutch stamppot for a NYC soup kitchen (and the homeless loved it and requested I do the same the next week!)
43. bathed nude with dozens of other women at the Turkish baths
44. puked all over a boy I liked once while in secondary school
45. cruised down the Nile and flew to Abu Simbel
46. pestered the late great Freddie Mercury with phone calls for a week
47. posed as a artist's model
48. stroked a tiger
49. spent some time in retreat at Chevetogne monastery (Greek-Orthodox, in Belgium)
50. became a Roman Catholic and was baptised in 1994

nicked the idea from kimberly_a
Tags: memes, real life

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