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Here be answers

Here are the names of the bands or artists I asked you to guess in my previous post. Of those that had a go, skylar_muc is the winner, putting names to no less than seven faces! An honourable mention goes to rosamundeb, who had five correct answers.

The list, then, is as follows (and, as you can see, I've added a few videos of some of the songs that played on my Zen as I was compiling said list):

01. Sufjan Stevens
02. Talking Heads
03. The Verve

04. Kula Shaker
05. Afro Celt Sound System

06. Joy Division
07. Feeder

08. Doris Day
09. David Berkeley
10. Fatboy Slim
11. Metric

12. Iggy Pop
13. Björk
14. Sebadoh
15. The Charlatans

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