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Icons and Interests meme

I needed something to take my mind off my troublesome cats for a little while, and luckily this meme came my way:

Comment and I will give you 3 interests on your list, and 3 icons, for you to explain.

elisi asked about the following interests: ars nova, comparative religion, wushu.

ars nova - from inauspicious beginnings, when music mostly meant my mother's country and western records being played in our house, by the time I reached 14, 15, music had become one of my main interests in life. Denied the opportunity to learn to play an instrument, I contented myself with listening to it wherever it might be found, in the media, in record shops, at festivals and gigs, at the opera and in concert halls. By the time I was 17, I had a sizeable collection (though by no means anywhere as large as my mum's collection of 5,000+ c&w albums) which held rock and jazz and baroque music in almost equal measure. Although I had my favourites, I remained driven to try out as many 'new' (to me) genres as I could get my hands on, often buying records and later, cd-s, without having listened to them. That way, I spent a lot of money on music I didn't like and never grew to like either, but I also became acquainted with music I did like and would never have gotten to know if I'd only followed my peer group's tastes. One of my discoveries of that time was the music labelled as 'Ars Nova'. The term describes a stylistic period in music of the Late Middle Ages (roughly, the 14th century), and mainly hailing from France. It's characterised by polyphonic chanting of secular poems and the intermingling of them with sacred texts used in the liturgy, or setting sacred texts to secular music. It introduced an expressiveness to Western music that all other European music of later ages has built and expanded on.

comparative religion - religion has fascinated me from the start, perhaps because I grew up in a non-religious household. I wanted to find out about it, because it was something outside of my own experience. And so I read about it, talked to people about it, happily acompanied friends to church/mosque/synagogue; was struck by the differences and similarities between the Abrahamic traditions, took an interest in the Dharmic religions of the East, and the old religions of the West. The more I learned, the more I became aware of a innate religiosity within myself; and in the end, I converted to Roman Catholicism, because having made a special study of early Christianity and the ancient church, I decided that from a cultural as well as theological viewpoint, it was the form of religion most suited to me. But I'm still interested in learning about other religions and systems of belief, and think of myself as more of a humanist.

wushu - ah! I should have been more specific -- mainly, what I'm interested in is wushu, i.e. Chinese martial arts, films. I have no wish to become a shaolin master, or take up karate or jiu jitsu as a hobby. Some people like cartoons, or horror films. I like Chinese cinema, and especially those films in Chinese cinema that mix good dramatic storylines with brilliant cinematography and fairytale fight scenes, like House of Flying Daggers or Hero or Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. I can watch these films again and again, and never get bored. The fights -- they're like watching people dance.

She next selected these icons for me to explain:

'note to self' -- by eve11

I thought a note to self-icon could come in handy. I haven't had much chance to use it, though. I like the simplicity of the image -- it's made from a screencap from one of the Classic Doctor Who-series, and shows Gallifreyan writing.

'taxis' -- by elfinessy

One of my favourite Top Gear-icons. Again, the simplicity of the image appeals to me, and the way it's cropped. I use it mainly in my travel posts, especially those that detail how I got from one place to another. Travelling, as we all know, involves a lot of waiting around for taxis.

'stars' -- by tick_icon

Another sample from my Top Gear-collection. I have fond memories of camping out under a starry night sky in many places in the world. This icon reminds me of that, and of the calm and contentment being under the stars can bring.
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