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Ankle news

Rutger had promised me he would call during my consultation with the orthopaedic surgeon, so I hadn't really paid attention to all the medicalese that came out of his mouth at my last physiotherapy session. Of course, he quite forgot to call, and so in desperation while the surgeon's back was turned momentarily, I called him. Then in two minutes flat, after I handed my mobile to the consultant, where I had been arguing for twenty, it was all agreed: surgery to my ankle will take place on July 9th.

I feel rather overwhelmed. I've been pushing for this for over 2 years, but with the speed things are moving now, I don't know if this really is the right way forward; also because the consultant said he won't really know what needs doing until he opens up the ankle and goes in.

And I missed Doctor Who last Saturday. Can anybody vouch for me at doctorwho_eps? It seems they've changed the rules after they'd had a spot of bother. Sorted. Cheers!


Jun. 7th, 2007 10:14 pm (UTC)
Ten days! Not to rain on your parade, but I doubt you'll be back at work that soon. I was off for three weeks, and went home early a fair bit for the following one (I just left when the pain got too much). My surgeon wrote me a sick note to cover five weeks after the operation - which meant I just went to work as I was able in that time and they paid me sick leave for the rest of it. Are you not eligible for sick leave for something like this? I don't suppose it's possible to work from home?

I think by absolutely stay off it, he means "you can't stand on it, don't flex the muscles" that sort of thing. Not that you have to be horizontal the entire time. Unless you are having more done than me, in which case, I know nothing, don't listen to me!

But I SO understand the desire to be in your own home. And to want the Internet. It was almost all the outside contact I had in those first two weeks! And the healing power of kitties cannot be underestimated. :)

Also: I'm surprised that man can stand himself, the way you talk about him. *angry face*
Jun. 8th, 2007 09:55 pm (UTC)
Oh, I don't worry about Jobsworth and his wishes. I'm entitled to sick leave for as long as is necessary really, and I don't intend to jeopardise my health or impede my recovery just to help him out. If he's worried about the amount of work stacking up while I'm gone, he shouldn't have gone around firing three of my co-workers in the last
month, and for no good reason. Besides, it's not as if he has any appreciation or understanding of the work I do do, so perhaps it's time for him to find out the hard way.

Not that you have to be horizontal the entire time.

Well, there's a relief! And I do believe I'm having the same thing done as you had -- the surgeon's going to tighten the ligaments (and may chip away some of the excess bone growth while he's in there). He also said he might have to harvest and graft (part of) a tendon from another part of my leg, but he hadn't made up his mind about that definitively.