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Spike, Angel & Dirty Den

I could get used to this, waiting till Wednesday comes around before starting my working week! Definitely a thing of the good. Wish it could be like this always...although I do tend to miss my pc when I'm not in the office. I'm off next week as well and I must admit that the realisation I won't be on-line much then is a bit of a bummer to me. You lot may view that differently, though.

Monday night was our second Spike/JM-night for db2305 and me, and already it's starting to feel like a bit of a tradition. I really ought not to bring any more chocolate next time, or it'll become one of our staples for these get-togethers. We started the evening by watching Chance, Amber Benson's film...and I heartily recommend you all order your copies right now if you haven't already. It's delightful. It's funny. It's a bit trying with the guitarist, but you can ff those bits. JM's brilliant, and so is Amber...and she's got very shapely legs, which we never got to see in BtVS.

Next came AtS 5.1, and I was pleasantly surprised. Pleasantly, because I really, really liked what I saw. I've never been able to stomach Angel before (neither the character nor the series), but here was levity, here was humour, here was Harmony. I can see she's going to be one of my favourites. She's absolutely priceless. I'd already seen the Rewards-clips, and knew that we were going to be in for a treat there, but having seen this fine a season opener in Convictions (is it?), I can only be optimistic as to the narrative quality of the next 20 episodes.

We started watching the last episode of AtS S4, but the DVD kept stalling on the scene where Gunn suddenly finds himself in a white room, so we abandoned my instruction on what's gone before in this series in favour of a discussion of favourite fanfics and fanfic genres. It's so nice to have someone in RL to talk to about these things. None of my friends are even the slightest bit interested, and even the colleague that got me started on Buffy isn't nearly as obsessed as I am.

We found out that we mostly like the same angsty NC-17 stuff, critiqued certain pieces while waxing lyrical on others (which reminds me, must not forget to mail her the URL for Cosmicfish's Shadow To Self, which still remains among my favourites), and had lots of fun doing it. We differed on the question of williamfic, though: db doesn't care for it whereas I really enjoy it when it's well-written and well-researched, and doesn't feature the fluffy smut that clashes with criterion #2. IMO, herself_nyc, paratti, and Elsa Frohmann have all written wonderful williamfic, in which the character is treated sympathetically yet remains what he certainly must have been: a man of no great promise or consequence, utterly sweet and forgettable. Although I'm not so sure that Mr. Grieves is sweet...spineless, more like...but very Victorian in any case.

Of course, we lost all track of time and I missed the last train home by a measly 2 minutes, mainly because Utrecht CS is such a maze, a townplanner's dream and a citizen's nightmare, not unlike Milton Keynes in that respect -- another place I can't find my way around in/out of. So I had to wait around for an hour for the nighttrain that services the west of Holland in such a way that it got me to The Hague by way of Amsterdam, and stopping virtually everywhere inbetween.

It wasn't until I had way too much time on my hands staring out at the pitch darkness and trying to keep awake that I remembered I'd forgotten to set the VCR to record 'The Return of Dirty Den' to EastEnders. Drat! From 1985 till about 2 years ago, EE was my favourite soap. I never missed an episode if I could help it, but I got completely bored with it at one point and decided not to watch it anymore. Then they decide to bring back the character that made the early years such fun to watch...and I missed it! I hope I can remember to watch the omnibus on Sunday...
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