Gamiila (gamiila) wrote,

Medical dilemma

The hospital called. The assistant had finally managed to speak to my orthopaedic surgeon, and pose my question regarding the omission of the removal of the exostosis in my operation plan. And it was bad news, I'm afraid.

The surgeon confessed that he had clean forgotten about it when confronted by the tremendous 'shuck' in my joint, and he doesn't feel comfortable tackling it without further investigation. He proposes we leave it for now. If I, on the other hand, insist on having both the ligament and the exostosis problems dealt with in one single operation, the procedure planned for July cannot take place, as he will need to see me, review my case and come up with a plan as to how best to remove the bony growth. And because he's going off on holiday next week, he can't do that before my scheduled surgery and we would therefore have to postpone it...until September.

But that would mean I'd have no chance of going on tour in October!

So I agreed to leave things as they were. Have I made the right choice, though? I wonder.
Tags: health, injury, surgery

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