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Somebody stop me!

I spent the alternately showery and sunny afternoon trailing from shop to shop in the company of db2305, who is entirely to blame for this:

She said I had great legs in them -- though in truth, I didn't need much persuading. They may not look it, but they're really comfortable; the suede uppers velvety soft.

Of course, I watched the Doctor Who finale yesterday, and I was somewhat less than impressed. John Simm did a marvelous job as The Master, but The Doctor was mostly just passive and not enough use was made of Jack. Why bring him in if all you want to do is keep him chained to the radiator (or whatever)? The reference to the Face of Boe made me laugh, though honestly, I don't like to think of Jack morphing into a giant head that has to be kept in an aquarium 500,000 or more years into the future. Good for Martha though, to tell The Doctor she needed to get out. Perhaps she can now start going out with Tom Milligan.

In other news, I've now been on a diet for 7 days, and it's been remarkably easy so far. I've had nothing but green salads, fish, chicken and eggs for the past week, and though I can't say I've noticed any weight loss yet (mainly because I don't own scales), I do feel a lot better. I can just about complete another week of this strict regime before I have to go into hospital, after which I'll be decamping to my mother's for a while and will, of necessity, have to give up any chance of continuing with the diet. It's a shame, but there it is -- I can't expect her to cook and care differently for me than she always has.

Finally, happy birthday to desdemonaspace!
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