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The day of my admission into hospital is drawing inexorably nearer, and I'm getting more nervous by the hour. I've cleaned, hoovered and ironed, and now I'm sitting here in a tidy flat wondering what clothes to pack for my 2 week sojourn at Mum's. I think of a pair of trousers, and I wonder if the legs will be wide enough for my leg in its cast to pass through...Maybe I should just pack skirts...or nighties?

And I'm beset by so many more questions: will I be able to go to the loo on my own? How do I wash my hair? Is it too late to call the whole thing off?

The nurse warned me not to bring any valuables to the ward with me. I'll need money to pay for a cab, but should I leave my phone at home? How then will I call in sick?

Will the cats be alright when I'm gone?



Jul. 7th, 2007 08:07 pm (UTC)
They don't like cell phones in hospitals, so I'd say leave it at home. Don't take anything that you would mind if it was swiped--you won't be awake all the time to guard your stuff. When I was hospitalized I had a little walkman radio I didn't care about much, and some books/magazines, and that was it.

As for what to wear--sweat pants, maybe?

Good luck!
Jul. 7th, 2007 08:41 pm (UTC)
Darn! I was looking at a pair the other day. Wish I'd bought them now...

No phone. No mp3 player. Check. And thanks!