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Safe and sound

The dreaded company doctor was supposed to be calling and check on my progress an hour ago - but I've not heard from him. Typical! I lay awake worrying they might order me back to work, and then they forget about me!

The first white plaster cast came off this morning, and was replaced by a lightweight purple walking cast. Theoretically, I suppose this means I'm to try walking, but I'm not finding it easy. In fact, I'm finding it bloody painful and awkward, and am relying on my trusty crutches to get around still. I can get from the bed to the sofa, and from the sofa to the loo, but I can't manage the stairs and can't go out to get my groceries -- yet I insisted on being ferried home this afternoon. It's been lovely staying at Mum's these last two weeks, but I read all the books I'd brought with me, read most of the books on her shelves too, and missed the company of my cats and the comfort of my own bed too much to stay there for another couple of days as she suggested. I had trouble getting up the stairs, and I know I won't go down them any time soon, but I won't need to 'cause Mum's been an angel and got me enough groceries to last me a day or two before she went back to her place.

I did have a bit of a shock when the plaster came off, as this was the first chance I had to see what had been done to me. Somehow, I'd expected to see a much smaller incision -- doctors are so clever nowadays! Unfortunately though, it seems that I've been operated on by someone who doesn't believe in keyhole surgery or taking half measures, and the cut is some 10-12 cms long. Also, he won't win any prizes for needlepoint. They took out the stitches and made it bleed again, but I'm told it's all healing nicely and I'm to report back there for this new cast to be taken off on the 21st of August.

The surgery itself went well, taking little more than an hour. There was only one problem: they couldn't find where to administer the epidural, and jabbed the needle into my vertebrae a few times before they finally found a space between them. Most unpleasant, but next time I'll ask for an epidural again because I've not suffered any of the usual side effects like headache or nausea that I've experienced with the general anaesthetics I've had in earlier surgeries.

Well then, what have I missed in the time I've been away?

ETA: I think my switching phone companies earlier in the week may have had the unfortunate effect of my phone (landline) going quite DEAD. Which means the company doctor may have called after all, but failed to get through. ::sigh:: What's the use of me leaving my mobile number with their office, if they won't f***ing dial that? I'll see if I can sort it out tomorrow.
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