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Heroes and Team G&T goes arctic

They started airing Heroes on Dutch television three weeks before I went into hospital. I saw the first episode, missed about half of the second, and all of the third; and by yesterday I thought I'd be hopelessly behind and never able to catch up. Luckily, BBC2 have started broadcasting it now as well, and I saw the first two episodes again last night. I hope I can remember to watch the other eighteen as well. One thing I noticed though, having seen the first episode twice, is that they made some cuts to it: they shortened the dialogue between Peter Petrelli and Mohinder Suresh in the cab, and they completely cut the scene with three-quarters of the Bennett family around the dinner table, where the mother goes on and on about her prize-winning dogs and Claire says something about how her day was that her mother thinks is quite profound for one so young.

Anyway, the best thing about last night's television has to have been, no doubt about it, the Top Gear-special. How good was that? I just hope the boys haven't put Sir Ranulph Fiennes's nose out of joint too much with their achievement: to reach the North Pole by car, without any loss of extremities, and on a diet of g&t, wine and foie gras! I hope someone clever icons it later, because boy! there were some brilliant shots in that.

In other news, I've handwashed a sheepskin this morning. That's something I won't repeat in a hurry.
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