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CD meme, gakked from gwynnega

...who gakked it from _green_

If I understand it correctly, all you need to do is leave those artists you have in your CD library, and replace the ones you don't have with some of yours, leave the total at 15, and then sit back and wait to see if anyone else will gack this meme from you. So here goes:

gwynnega's CDs:

Phil Ochs
Elvis Costello
The Last
The Hollies
Paul Simon
The Loud Family
Liz Phair
Rufus Wainwright
Laura Nyro
Joni Mitchell
Billie Holiday
Generation X
Mott the Hoople
Rolling Stones

My CDs, randomly chosen:

David Bowie
Elvis Costello
Depeche Mode
New Order
The Sex Pistols
The Stone Roses
David Sylvian
Paul Weller
The Cure
Beth Orton
Billie Holiday
Billy Idol
Kula Shaker
Eva Cassidy
Rolling Stones
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