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There's that bloody wall again - why do I keep running into it?

Day 26, and I'll never win Patient Of The Year Award. Ever since the pain levels in my ankle went from zomgwtfbbq!!1! down to manageable, I have had a problem with the concept of taking it easy, i.e., I fail to see why it should mean 'sit on your arse all day'. I just cannot sit still, I want to go out, do things, or else I'll go completely mad.

In a quest for new books to read, I took the bus into town this afternoon. Spent about an hour browsing the shelves in my favourite bookshop (standing room only, no comfy seats). The ankle started playing up after 10 minutes or so. In the end, I cut my visit short, selected only three books and went home to a pile of laundry which I've just hung out to dry. I've done the cooking, the hoovering and the ironing; I wanted to do the windows as well, but...I'm pooped. And the ankle's started to hurt some more.

This has not gone the way I planned it. I thought that after the initial two weeks of enforced rest, I'd be able to have some quality time off work before I had to go back there. Seems I was wrong.

Still, three more weeks to go and then the cast gets removed! That is something to look forward to, I suppose.
Tags: convalescing, injury
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