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Public information announcement

During the last week, I've seen a lot of posts on the Boldthrough 07-debacle on my flist, with many saying they're seriously considering leaving LJ, and setting up accounts at other blogsites just in case.

Me, I'd already set up back-up accounts for myself at both GreatestJournal (at the time of the Infamous Breastfeed Icon Issue) and InsaneJournal (during Strikethrough 07), where my username is the same as it is here, and to which links can be found in my Links List to the right of this entry. However, I must warn you that neither of these boltholes gets updated very much.

Because however bad 6A's communication skills and customer service, which they say is really all this latest ruckus is about, may get, it is as nothing to the enjoyment I get out of my LJ, and I for one will continue to support the site by remaining here as a Paid Member.

And while we're on the subject of elsewheres to be: hesadevil's shown me the way to a nifty Internet bookshelf on which you can proudly display, debate and discuss ALL your books, however many you may have or wish to show, AT NO COST AT ALL! That's right, it's an absolutely free service!

It's taken me about 4 days to put my books up on their virtual shelf...those that it would recognise from its US\UK database, and that are still in print, that is. My Dutch, French, and German novels will have to remain unlisted for the most part, as will the really specialist works on art, architecture, and archaeology, which I think is a shame, but can't be helped.
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