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Question for the boffins

Two and a half years ago, when I bought my computer, I had a houseguest, staying in what had been my study up till then. As a consequence, I plonked my brand new computer onto a makeshift desk in a corner of my bedroom, moving several bookcases around in order to make room for it. When the engineer came out to hook it up to the Internet for me, as part of the service extended to me by my new provider, that was were they found it, and that's where they set it up. I have never been happy with this arrangement, and I would much rather move the PC into my study cum spare room. The only reason I haven't done so already, and am asking your advice, is that I'm worried it might somehow sever my connection to the 'Net and all of you.

The reason I have this fear is that when my ISP upgraded their servers some time ago, despite their assurances that I would have minimal disruption of service, I couldn't get back online for over a week. Contacting their helpdesk for advice, it turned out that the way my setup had been well, set up, no longer met with their approval or criteria, and it was up to me to sort it out. Me! I hadn't a clue as to where to begin, and frankly, that state of affairs hasn't changed. I eventually managed to get back online by accidentally (okay, accidentally on purpose while in the middle of a temper tantrum) pulling out and then putting back in a cable in the other room, but I don't know if I'll be as lucky a second time if my taking my 'puter from one room to the next should result in similar difficulties.

So...try it and see? Or best not to touch it? What do you think?
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